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Go Here Please


Fri. July 30th @ Honey we're doing it again! Turnt Up! is a night of good music, good people, good drinks and good time. No cover as usual, the night starts at 10. Come thru...


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The Beat Box is Back on RadioK!

The Beat Box is back Twin Cities!

The Beat Box, Radio K's only Hip Hop show, has been on an unexpected hiatus for the last month. But starting Friday September 11th the Beat Box is back! With a new schedule from 6-8 pm every Friday! Hosted by Noam the Drummer and Franz Diego. The Beat Box will be playing an eclectic playlist of Hip Hop, from underground to mainstream, alernative to experimental, old school and new school and everything in between! All the music will be spun live by DJ Noam the Drummer while Franz Diego interviews local and national talent. Expect guest appearances, exclusive renditions of songs and guest djs, expect a classic hip hop show that the Twin Cities knows and loves.

Tune in to the Beat Box radio show Fridays 6-8pm on

770 AM: Metro area
106.5 FM: Minneapolis
100.7 FM: St. Paul
104.5 FM: Minneapolis-St. Paul
or stream it online at http://www.radiok.org

Here is a link of an exclusive never before released Beat Box mix to give you an idea of the format and music, enjoy!

click to listen here:

Also, the Beat Box is looking for students attending the University of Minnesota that are passionate about Hip Hop and music in general to fill an intern position and possibly continue the Beat Box when Noam and Franz leave. If you or someone you know may be interested please send your information to radiokthebeatbox@gmail.com

Any other questions or request for interviews can be sent here: radiokthebeatbox@gmail.com

Sincerly, The Beat Box Crew

June 19th Beat Box ft Toki Wright DJ Espada and DJ SOGOLD!

Toki Wright came thru the Beat Box Friday the 19th to help me host the show as well as to talk about and listen to his new album A Different Mirror.
Listen Here...
Part 1

Part 2

Later DJ's Espada (far right) and SoGold!(far left) came thru to talk about the DJ night they"re putting on called Wants VS Needs

Listen to that here...
Part 1

Part 2

I Self Devine at SoundSet 09' rapping over 1 of my beats.

I Self Devine perfomring at soundset 2009 rapping over a beat I made in sept 2007.

I'm On The Corner!

Last tuesday Dj Phizzy asked if I could come in to cover his radio show On The Corner. I decided to do an all sample set, something that I had been wanting to do anyways for a long time. Check it out...
On The Corner

For all you crate diggers...
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Just messin around...

Noam The Drummer, Mike Titan on the keys, King Karnov on the bass, Arit on the guitar and PC on the organ and camera...

FREE Download: Naeem Oba-Symbolism Mixtape

This is a mixtape that was completed in the winter of '07 and has been sitting in my Itunes ever since. Naeem moved to Denver, CO at the end of '07 and is working on various projects including his debut EP "The king and I" coming real soon...

Click on the Picture above or hit the link below to download the FREE Mixtape!


FranzDiego EP

If you didn't know already FranzDiego just dropped an EP which you can download for FREE!


I got two beats on this project, Official and Politics. Additional production by Brandon AllDay, Medium Zach, PC and Fire Like Water.


New Mix

It's a bout time i got to making another post, in fact it's a bout time I put together another mix. It's a bunch of new music i had laying around. Here it is...

Listen & Download

The usual Suspects on The Beat Box Show 8-8-08

The Usual Suspects came through The Beat Box studio last Friday to talk about upcoming projects and shows that they have, and also dropped some rhymes live in the studio. If you don't know about them yet check them out, definitely some of my favorites on the scene right now.


Listen to them rap live in the studio right here...

30 min. Beat Challenge

So the story goes like this...
One Saturday night last winter Brandon, Zach, Ben, n'ka and I were up at Ben's studio just hanging out and listening to records and beats. Brandon brought along his MPC and was messing around on it, when some one (I don't remember who) came up with the idea that we should all try and make a beat using the same record, and we had to make the beat in under 30 minutes. Our intentions weren't to make a video we're just a bunch of guys that make beats, and this is what we do for fun. I happened to have my laptop on me and decided to start video taping the process. I'd been sitting on this video for a while now not sure if I wanted to do anything with it, the beats ain't that tight but fuck it! Here you go. enjoy...


Do people still listen to the radio?

I'm not talking about just having it on while you're in the car, I'm talking about tuning in at certain times just to listen to your favorite radio shows. DJing for the Beat Box on radioK I always find myself asking this question. When FranzDiego.com asked me to come join him, DJ Hecktic and DJ O.E.G to DJ the Beat Box (every Fri. 6-9pm) and turn the format into a live mix show I didn't even have to give it a second thought. I would always listen to DJ Abilities and K-Salaam on 2TheBreak-A-Dawn (now RSE Radio) every saturday when I was younger and tape each show because each show was like a brand new unique mixtape, the way that they would blend, scratch and juggle the records. Each show was dope!
Rummaging through some old boxes I found a bunch of old tapes of mine that I hadn't listened to in a minute. So I pulled them out and have been bumping them in my car for the last few days which is what inspired me to make this (first) post. I thought I'd share with you one of the 2TheBreak-A-Dawn tapes.